This is bug or not


Starting from the example:

I’ve modified a little bit the code. I will put the code at the end of this message.

So, form the initial position, I am able to draw links between the RED and GREEN ports ( from Unit Three to Unit two).

After I rotate the “Unit two” with 90 anticlockwise I am not able to draw links from RED ports (Unit three) to GREEN ports (Unit three). If I delete the top port from the “Unit two” and do the same rotation, I am able to draw links.

There is the same problem if I rotate “Unit two” 90 clockwise.

For all other angles for “Unit two” everything is fine.

Please let me know If this a bug or not.


body { margin: 0px; padding: 0px; }
<script src='go-debug.js'></script>
  <div id="myDiagram" style="width:600px; height:600px; border:1px solid black"></div> 
  <br><button onclick="save()">Save  model</button>
  <button onclick="load()">Load  model</button>
  <textarea id="mySavedModelMesh" style="width:100%;height:200px">

{ “class”: “go.GraphLinksModel”,
“linkFromPortIdProperty”: “fromPort”,
“linkToPortIdProperty”: “toPort”,
“nodeDataArray”: [
{“key”:“unit Two”, “loc”:“264 252”, “leftArray”:[ ], “topArray”:[ {“portId”:“top0”, “portColor”:"#b4cbed"} ], “bottomArray”:[ {“portColor”:“green”, “portId”:“bottom0”, “fromLinkable”:false, “toLinkable”:true},{“portColor”:“green”, “portId”:“bottom1”, “fromLinkable”:false, “toLinkable”:true},{“portColor”:“green”, “portId”:“bottom2”, “fromLinkable”:false, “toLinkable”:true},{“portId”:“bottom3”, “portColor”:“green”} ], “rightArray”:[ ], “angle”:“0”},
{“key”:“unit Three”, “loc”:“433 249”, “leftArray”:[ {“portColor”:“red”, “portId”:“left0”, “fromLinkable”:true, “toLinkable”:false},{“portColor”:“red”, “portId”:“left1”, “fromLinkable”:true, “toLinkable”:false},{“portColor”:“red”, “portId”:“left2”, “fromLinkable”:true, “toLinkable”:false} ], “topArray”:[ {“portColor”:"#d08154", “portId”:“top0”} ], “bottomArray”:[ {“portColor”:"#6cafdb", “portId”:“bottom0”} ], “rightArray”:[ ]}
“linkDataArray”: [ ]}

Thanks for reporting this. I believe it will be fixed in the next baselevel.