ToolTip and Mozilla

Does anyone have an issue with ToolTip text assigned to a node not displaying in Firefox?

Everything seems fine in IE.

I also have numerous javascript errors in Firefox with the GoWeb.js file, but not sure if they are related.

Yes, dynamic tooltips don’t work for some reason in Firefox. I suspect that’s a bug in Firefox.
I don’t get any JavaScript errors. Are you sure the GoWeb.js is up-to-date with the version of GoDiagram Web you are using?

The error I get is document.GetElementFromPoint on line 281 of the GoWeb.js file.
I am using the GoWeb.js that was packed with my current install, so I’m pretty sure it is current.

I get the same error in Firefox 2.0 if I visit the sample sites as well.

On another topic, I want to wire up a dhtml popup over a iconic node displaying some info for that particular node. I’m not sure what my options are here quite yet. I was hoping to do it on roll over state, but I can look at doing on a click event if you have any suggestions.

Ah, yes, you’re right. That’s actually an IE-specific hack for dragging between windows, which is not supported on Firefox. Replace the definition of this function in your GoWeb.js file:
function goDoLoad(id, reload) {
var img = goFindImg(id);
if (img && img == goImg) {
goErr = null;
if (!goIE) return;
var dst = document.elementFromPoint(goVX, goVY);
if (dst && dst != img && dst.goID && img.goADO) {
var q = ‘&downx=’ + goDX + ‘&downy=’ + goDY + ‘&upx=’ + goUX + ‘&upy=’ + goUY;
goPost(, ‘drop&src=’ + img.goID + q);
Remember to make sure that all of your GoView/GoPalette/GoOverview instances have the ScriptFile attribute set to refer to this updated GoWeb.js file.

That fixed the majority of my problems, thanks Walter.

As far as my second question, I apologize for not RTFM’ing.
I’m using the DataRenderer now and all is well, but only in IE. Is there a problem at all with the DataRenderer’s generated javascript in Firefox?

For example, I used the GetPartInfo code from the DataSetDemo in my node class, and wired up my single click to call a js function on my aspx page. For purposes of testing, all my function does is launch a js alert. Works great in IE, nothing’s happening in Firefox.

I’m more than happy to assume the problem is on my end, but just wondering if anyone else has Mozilla problems.

Well, DataSetDemo’s client-side data seems to be fine when I’m using Firefox. For example, deleting a node does update the view’s node data as well as the image.
I can’t explain the deviation between IE and Firefox for this situation.

You may want to use the latest: