Transferring JGoObjects to SubGraph

Hi, I’m trying to take certain JGoObjects (the selected ones) from a document, and put them into in a JGoSubGraph which is also in the said document.
So I get the selection, and iterate through it, putting the JGoObjects into the SubGraph. This does not work though, it seems I have to remove them from the Parent / Layer / View first.
Removing them causes another problem though: when I remove a JGoObject, the links connected to it dissapear from the selection.
I can’t just copy everything either, because then the links aren’t actually connected to JGoPorts of the JGoObjects any more.
Does anyone know an easy solution for this, or am I navigating uncharted territory here? Thought I’d give the forum a shot, before I start saving everything as XML, removing, and reconstructing in the SubGraph.

Yes, in the next release we’ll add an addCollection method that will do what you want. This will work both to add graphs into a JGoArea as well as move them out of areas into JGoLayers as top-level objects. [I.e., we’re adding two such methods, one on JGoArea and one on JGoLayer.]
The way you can do this yourself is to override JGoPort.ownerChange to be a no-op when you do the reparenting into or out of a JGoSubGraph.