Transform to PDF

I need to convert a diagram to PDF.

Any ideas?


No, we’ve had a couple of people ask before, but demand hasn’t been very high. If you Google the words

add pdf generation to .net application

You’ll get 4.5 million hits. The first 2 or 3 look useful.

We currently use iTextSharp to create and manipulate PDFs. Perhaps a better question would be “How can I programatically, without any user interaction, save a diagram in a format that can be put into a PDF?”

In the GoUserGuide I see the section about Writing SVG. Is there a way of writing to JPG or BMP etc.? iTextSharp appears to accept most image formats but NOT SVG.

Yes, GoView.GetBitmapFromCollection. See example of use in DrawDemo sample. Also see other entries in this forum about scaling at happens if you have very large diagrams.

Thanks for the info. This is very encouraging!

I’m having trouble locating the DrawDemo sample.

Could you please direct me to it?

In older versions, look for Demo1. We split Demo1 into NodeLinkDemo and DrawDemo.