Truncated palette


Our Palette div has a variable size, and sometimes a requestUpdate() on the Palette makes the inner div (the one inside the one that has the scrollbar with overflow) have a height that is short 17 pixels. Because of this, the bottom 17 pixels are missing when the scrollbar is dragged to the bottom, though for some reason using the mouse wheel to scroll down does get the bottom 17 pixels to become visible. We already spent quite some time trying to figure out a solution so those 17 pixels are always reachable through the scrollbar, without success.

Here’s a screenshot illustrating the issue:

Would you happen to know why this is happening and maybe how we can get it fixed?

So you are saying that the user cannot drag the scrollbar thumb down all the way, but they can do so if they click in the Palette and scroll using the mouse wheel.

Can they do so if they pan? By that I mean mouse-down in the background and drag the mouse.

Can they do so if they click in the Palette and use the down arrow key?

Can they do so if they click in the scrollbar and use the down arrow key? Or can the scrollbar not receive focus?

Precisely which version of GoJS are you using? I ask because we did just make a change to fix a bug: Mouse wheel not working on scrollbar when diagram doesn't have focus

We’re probably going to need to see the relevant HTML/CSS here in order to debug this. You can always email us at gojs (at) if its sensitive.

To be precise, the scrollbar does go all the way down, but that doesn’t translate in the Palette actually bottoming out in its containing div.

Panning works, so does clicking in the Palette and using the down arrow key.
Clicking on the scrollbar and using the arrow keys don’t have any effect.

We’re on version 1.7.27. Looking at the bug description, I’m not sure this is the same thing since mouse wheel scrolling isn’t really involved here.