Trying to implement scrollable table


I am trying to implement a scrollable table, much like record mapper, only the inner fields will be scrollable. I am using this with typescript and I imported the ScrollbarTable.ts file but I am facing this error


The code which is producing the error

Can you guys help me to figure out the issue?

Are you sure you are importing ScrollingTable correctly?
If so, don’t quote ScrollingTable.

its the same, either I quote it or use a panel auto, I could not regenerate the scroller…I am looking into the issue…may be I need to rewrite the structure carefully

  1. I hope you are compiling and importing the ScrollingTable.ts file. Have you adjusted its import statement to get GoJS from the same place as the rest of your code?

  2. And that file does not export any symbol, so I think you should try:

import "./src/assets/gojs/ScrollingTable.js";