Two basic problems with GoMultiTextNode

Hello there!

I have two basic problems with GoDiagram win. I tried different ideas for hours and I came up with nothing. First thing, is it possible to make a GoMultiTextNode auto - resizable? I mean that it automatically computes its width and height at initialization time and at every change depending on text length.

And the other problem happens when i want to interactively change the text in some part of GoMultiTextNode, it changes on screen (single click on text, textbox appears, you write something in …), but later on when I write out that changed text in message box or label, it writes out the old text, the one i defined at object creation time. Everything works fine with the examples I have, but I can’t find what I did wrong.

Please help. Thanx.

Have you tried setting GoMultiTextNode.ItemWidth to -1? When the ItemWidth > 0 it will set each item’s Width to that value, causing the node to always have that width plus the margins of the ListGroup plus the widths of the ports.

But if you set the ItemWidth to -1 (or any non-positive value???) then it won't set the Width of each of the items.
Regarding your second problem, I don't understand how that could happen. Once any text editing is committed, the GoText.Text value will be the new string value.
Are you using a subclass of GoText that has overridden DoEdit or ComputeEdit that changes the text string when the user finishes in-place editing?

No, I use plain GoText. I’ll try to make a different object and see if it works. Thanks for your help.