UI of Nodes not updating since GoWPF2.1.5.45


for a longer time we used GoWPF library with version

Because of another problem, we updated to current bugfix version 2.1.5 ( pre-emptively.

Since using new version, we have a problem with the refresh of the UI of our Nodes in the diagram. Our nodes implement several controls in their UI like ComboBoxes an CheckBoxes. These controls are bound to properties of our node-viewmodels. The visibility of other controls within the same node is bound again via datatriggers to these properties.

Since the new version, the visibility isn’t triggered until the node isn’t selected anymore. After selecting another node, the trigger is executed an everyting’s looks like expected.

The problem is reproducable and the behavior changes with switching the mentioned libraries without any other change.

Therefore, we use again the old version at the moment.

Any idea?


I guess if it isn’t too much trouble, you could try the intermediate versions so that we know exactly which version causes your problem.

How are you changing your viewmodel data properties? Are you doing so within a transaction?

No problem, I can check it against the intermediate versions. Where can I get them? Can you send me?

We change our viemodel data properties by implementing the INotiyPropertyChanged interface. For the mentioned properties we don’t use transactions. We only use transactions in situations, where our link/node model is affected.

The recent .NET 4.5 GoXam for WPF DLLs are:
Using transactions guarantees that GoXam will make sure all Nodes are up-to-date. But it’s true that they are usually updated even without a transaction. Nevertheless our documentation states that transactions are required. Still, I want to know what changed in GoXam and whether that change was best for everyone.

Alright, I’ve checked it. With versions 21245 and 21345 it still works. Starting with version 21445 it doesn’t work.

Thanks. I’ll see if I can reproduce the problem easily enough.