Unable to debug sample applications


I have the GoDiagram Web 2.2.1 software installed at the default
location, and when I open up any of the project files in VS.NET 2003, I
first get the message:

"The project .csproj must be converted to the
current project format. After it has been converted, you will not be
able to edit this project in previous versions of Visual Studio.

Convert and open this project?

[Yes] [No] [Help]"

I select yes, set the default aspx page (usually WebForm1.aspx), and
then hit the “Start” button to begin debugging. It then prompts me to
save the solution file (which is given the same name as the csproj
file) which I do, but then I get the following message:

"Error while trying to run the project: Unable to start debugging on
the web server. The project is not configured to be debugged.

Click Help for more information"

The help instructions basically tell me to check the web.config file to
ensure that debugging is enabled, which it is in the samples anyway.

Can anyone shed some light as to why I cannot debug the sample projects?

Many thanks,


Wow. It’s quite a coincidence that there are two complaints about this problem in one night.
I assume you don’t have any problems compiling and running without the debugger? And that you can debug your own projects, even when using GoDiagram Web? It’s just the pre-installed sample C# web applications that can’t be debugged, right?
I believe the GoDiagram Web installation does not set up a virtual directory for the sample VB.NET web applications, so those should not be debuggable. Those VB.NET samples were just translated from the C# versions for the benefit of those customers who would perfer to use VB.NET.
I’ll look into this.

I’ll move over to this thread so you don’t have to cross post links.

The installer did set up a virtual directory on the install folder for C# projects only. I am using the C# projects. I can run them without debugging; it’s when I try to enter a debug session (hit F5) that I get the error. I checked every location I know of that references debugging (Web.config, IIS properties, project properties) and it is enabled everywhere.

Hope this helps.

There are lots of cases of this that you can find via Google, but none provide a solution.
Even in the original subdirectories, you can still debug the web app by starting without the debugger and then attaching to the ASP.NET process.
As far as I can tell, the sample project files themselves are OK. As far as I can tell, the IIS metabase is OK too, although I’m less sure about that. For both I compared with a new VS-created web app project (which does support debugging) and slowly removed differences, but the sample application continued to fail to debug. Oh, and I compared ACLs too.
So I copied over one sample app in the directory created by VS, updated the URL in the .WEBINFO and .SLN files, and was able to debug the sample app.
Then I tried copying one sample app up one directory, into the “WebSamples” subdirectory of the GoDiagram Web installation. That worked too.
So there’s something about running in a subdirectory that causes the problem with debugging. I’ll post more as I learn more.

I resorted to creating a new CS project, then copying the source files
across from the sample I wanted to debug, added them to the project,
and HEY PRESTO! I can debug them. Would still be great to know how I
can enable debugging with the other samples without having to
effectively create a new project/solution file for each one.

Thanks for the comments so far.