Unable to drop nodes to diagram

I’ve two user controls one has Diagram and one has Palette. while using both controls in application we are unable to drop nodes from palette to diagram (showing not allowed mouse pointer while dragging and dropping nodes) though both diagram and palette shares the same node template dictionary. are we missing something ?

Have you set Diagram.AllowDrop to true on the target Diagram?

Yes, we’ve done it.

Do both the Palette and the Diagram have the same kind of model class? For example, if the Palette’s model has node data of a different type than the target Diagram’s model node data type, then transferring the data could not work.

Since you’ve made sure that Diagram.AllowDrop is true, I assume you have already made sure that the diagram’s model is modifiable and that you have not disabled inserting nodes.

Hey Walter, same model solution works like charm. Thanks for the help.