Unable to get actual bounds of adornment when binding the "visible" event to a function

Some times i am not getting some properties of the actual bounds on visible event.
perfect condition is like this for adorn.actualBounds

  1. $: 330.15000000000003
  2. G: 895
  3. H: 52.80827490204163
  4. aa: 251.22
  5. u: false

But mostly i am getting this .

  1. $: 330.15000000000003

  2. G: 0

  3. H: 0

  4. aa: 251.22

  5. u: false

     function onVisible(adorn){
         If(adorn.actualBounds.Top && adorn.actualBounds.Bottom){
            //DoSome stuff with bounds
            //this code only runs once when the figure is droped from palette to diagram and after that on all selection events we don't get actual bounds when it is becoming visible.
                   "Spot", nodeStyle(),  
                     selectionAdornmentTemplate:  // custom selection adornment
                     $(go.Adornment, "Spot",      
                         geometryString: CustomFigures.SVGpath,
                         alignment: go.Spot.Center,
                         alignmentFocus: go.Spot.Left,
                         stroke: "pink"
                      new go.Binding("visible", "", onVisible).ofObject()

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Just to track it on your forum so that you can include this feature in future release if you decide to because it will be rather useful than any other event.
Sorry if created any confusion.