Unable to run GoDiagram application on machines


We are developing graphics editor using GoDiagram library. When we try to execute the binaries on other machines which does not have
GoDiagram License, we are observing the following:
1> If the Machine has admin rights, it is running fine.
2> If the machine does not have admin rights, on application
startup, a big message box pops up saying that "the license for this copy of GoDIagram is invalid or expired.....".
Since most of the users of our application will not have admin rights on their machine, Could you please suggest a way to overcome this issue?

Once you have successfully linked the GoDiagram licensing information into your application, that application should be able to be deployed to a different machine without GoDiagram installed and run from accounts with or without admin rights.

When you run the application with and without admin rights, are you changing the user account you run from or just changing the rights associated with a single user account? I suspect if you just change rights and run from the same account that it ran from before, it will run correctly without admin rights. Also, when it runs, do you see a "watermark" in the background identifying it as evaluation software or is it running in the fully licensed mode?


We are investigating this and will get back to you as soon as possible with all scenarios. Before that I wanted to confirm that our build process is correct. Following para outlines our build procedure:
We have licenses.licx file included as part of Visual C# 2005 project on build machine. We compile it and give our dll along with Northwoods.Go.Dll. Is this the right way of building or do we need to follow another prcedure.

There’s a full section on deployment in both WinIntro and WebIntro documents installed with the product.