Uncaught error (Link.addPoint) when changing nodes to groups


I’m changing the functionality of the nodes in our application to let the nodes act as groups. But i get an error when i have links connected to the nodes.

Uncaught Error: Link.addPoint called with a Point that does not have real numbers: Point(NaN,NaN)

I’ve created a codepen, set the causeError property to true to see the error


Thanks for the example. We’ll look into this.

Still looking in to this, but in the meantime a workaround is to disable jumpovers on Links:

// curve: go.Link.JumpOver,

This is a bug in GoJS that presents itself when nested groups are used with JumpOver links. We are developing a fix, but it will only be in the 1.6 branch of GoJS (currently in Alpha, and this fix will be in the next Alpha release)

Hi Simon,

Thanks for your reply, and for the workaround. At least i can keep developing this way!
Any idea when the 1.6 branch will be released?


When it’s had enough usage that we are confident that there aren’t any known bugs left.