Undo and redo links


I have a problem using the UndoManager feature. If I move any node or link around a document, the undo and redo work fine. However when I add or remove a node or link in a document either through a button or event the undo will not work.

I am implementing my own custom nodes and links that extend the GoIconicNode and GoLink. If this question has been answered in another post then just point me to it. Thanks for any help.


Do you call StartTransaction and FinishTransaction around your code that adds or removes an object from your document?
Another way to ask this question: if the user can remove objects using the Delete key, does undo/redo work for that manner of removal? The Delete key invokes GoView.EditDelete, which calls GoView.DeleteSelection, which calls StartTransaction and FinishTransaction in addition to raising some events and removing some objects.

Ah, I was missing the Start and End transactions. I am using my own delete and add methods so the EditDelete wasn’t used. Thanks for the quick response. It all works.

Thanks walter!