Undo routes links?

Now that the ports undo/redo correctly I am running into an issue with connected links with the undo/redo similar to an issue we have had before (http://www.nwoods.com/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=5123&KW=&title=links-disconnecting-after-rotateundo)

Undo/redo is causing the links to draw from the top-left of the node instead of from the port they are supposed to originate from.

Here is a sample of what is happening…

Add a port, draw a link from the new port:

Move the port:

Undo port move:

Redo port move:

I’ve checked my Route.ComputePoints and it appears that the routes are being recomputed after Undo/Redo… The call stack shows that the call is originating from DiagramPanel.ArrangeOverride. I have checked and the Route.Points are correct before ComputePoints is called.

Why would the route be recomputed at this point? And is there any way to prevent it?

We’ll investigate.

Just want to follow up on this and see if you’ve made any progress on this?

Yes, there’s been some investigation, but there’s no conclusion yet as to the solution.

Sorry to keep bugging you about this, but it is delaying a feature that has been delayed quite a while already. I understand you have lots of other things to worry about, is there a way we can escalate this process?


I think we have a new DLL that you can try, but we haven’t finished testing it. I’ll send you e-mail.