Unknown Shape.figure: FullContentShape

I am having trouble trying to use a custom figure and using the method .add() with the constructor of go.Shape, I have defined a custom figure but the program doesn’t start and is showing me this error…


The template I am trying to create looks like this…

I understand we need to execute the method defineFigureGenerator with the new figure I want to create but the code is not even started.

I was using go.GraphObject.make before and it worked but I would like to use the .add() method to create the template

It’s hard to know what’s going wrong, there. Are you calling the defineFigureGenerator code before this code is run?

Here’s a very simplistic example you can reference: https://codepen.io/simonsarris/pen/LYJOPmO?editors=1010

Yes! it is actually an error that is appearing when the applications is loading at the first time. I mean I am using angular and the component that execute the defineFigureGenerator is not present unitl I click on a button.
So lets say I close an reopen the app, the app is not loading.

The example that you are attaching there is almost what I am doing, but imagine for some reason before your code is executing something else is checking that the figure is unknown.

You have to make sure the code is run before your first use of it. That’s outside the scope of GoJS help, though.

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