Update gojs to 1.7.0 using typings


I want to update the version of gojs from 1.6.22 to 1.7.0.
Our application using typescript.

In the past (last year), we used the file index.d.ts from this url:

Can you tell me if the file will be updated or we have to use a better way to update the version (and what is this way)?

Thank you

For years the TypeScript community has been encouraging library producers to ship a .d.ts file along with their libraries. We’ve been doing that since summer of 2013.

Note this entry in package.json:

  "typings":  "release/go.d.ts",

We used a bad way! I will try it.

Thanks for your help.

No, that wasn’t a bad way – the approach of DefinitelyTyped just didn’t scale, in my opinion.