updateAllTargetBindings does not update the Overview

We have this diagram that has some complex bindings on the nodes, links and groups. And when we change something, we update the target bindings and everything looks good.

There is one issue though, the Overview panel gets cleared. Is there a way to fix that? Is there a way to manually force update it?

EDIT: Or ar we doing something wrong that this happens?

Could you show some small before and after screenshots?

What do you mean by “the Overview panel gets cleared”? Normally the Overview automatically updates whenever its Overview.observed Diagram changes, although there may be a delay, for performance reasons.

Here are some snapshots. We only update bindings for node and edge visibility



There is no delay. I mean, we waited for at least 10min

By “delay” I was referring to Overview.updateDelay: Overview | GoJS API

Could you check in the debugger that the value of Overview.observed doesn’t change between before and after?

Is there any way I can check that from the diagram object?

Are you asking about just looking at the observed Diagram in the debugger? No, just look at the Overview.

You were right. It was changing. Now we reattach the diagram and it works