Updating a view after changing a node


How can I make a view reflect (i.e., redraw the view) a change in a node property?

In my particular case, I have modified the size of a node and called JGoObject:update, but it didn’t work. Can you tell me why? I’m missing something?

Thanks in advance

All changes to predefined JGoObject and derived JGoArea/JGoNode properties will automatically update all views, if the object is part of a document and you haven’t suspended updates.
Are you saying that after modifying the size of some JGoObject you don’t see the change, but if the view is redrawn (say by scrolling) you do see the change?

No, in fact the problem that I was getting was the combination of other factors that had nothing to do with JGo: the use of a PropertyChangeEvent on a model to fire a change in the respective node and a Thread that constantly modified the model.

The main problem of refreshing the view was because I hadn’t instantiated correctly the PropertyChangeListener after I copied the node from a pallete to the view.

Then after I corrected this, I got one org.eclipse.swt.SWTException: Invalid thread access, because I cannot, normally, use a thread that modifies an UI component (in this case, the node). To do that, I must call the Display:syncExec or Display:asyncExec.

But thanks for your assistance.