Upgrading Old Version

We currently have the 1.4.10 version and we need to upgrade to 1.4.11 (or later) .
Thing is, we don’t want to go through massive changes, only to apply some of the bug-fix of our current version.
Specifically the “TextEditingTool’s textArea grow too large” issue.
How Do I do that ?


The bug fix releases, 1.4.*, normally only have bug fixes to the library, although they may have new samples or additional documentation. So if you try the latest release in that stream, it should be OK. You can get that at the Activation page.

If you really only want version 1.4.11, that can be arranged. But I suggest you try 1.4.27 first to make sure it works for you, because that will have additional bug fixes.

I downloaded the Nuget package for 1.5.15 instead of activating 1.4.27, but it didn’t fix the problem.
Was I supposed to activate it as well?

Every release since 1.4.11 has the bug fix to which you referred. So maybe you are experiencing some behavior that is not that bug or not any bug at all.

Could you provide a way for us to reproduce the problem? Perhaps providing your template, a test node data, and screenshots for before and after would be sufficient.