Upgrading to JGo 5.2 from 4.0

We are using JGo 4.0 in our product and would like to upgrade to the latest version, i.e., JGo 5.2. In order to assess the effort in upgrading, where can I find the complete release notes that can help with this upgrade? I am guessing we will need the release notes for all JGo versions between JGo 4.0 and 5.2 ?

That’s wise. Here you go:

Walter, thanks for posting the links to the release notes.

I have downloaded the evaluation copy of JGo 5.2 and swapped it with the JGo 4.0 version that we were using.
After following the release notes and fixing issues on the way, I am able to get most of the application working. 
I am running into one issue that is not giving me enough pointers on where the problem. 
I am getting a ClassCastException while calling "update(int hint, int prevInt, java.lang.Object prevVal)" on a JGoObject.
The exception is coming from JGo, but it does not have an exception message or stack trace, that will tell me where the problem lies. 
Is there any way to enable logging that will tell me what the issue is? How do I debug this issue further?

Hmmm, that’s an odd one.

You can’t see the stack in the debugger? What are the values of “hint” and “prevVal”?

The only cast in JGoObject.update(…) is where the “prevVal” argument is cast to a Rectangle when the hint == JGoObject.ChangedGeometry.

Are there any uses of “ChangedGeometry” in your code?

I couldnt see the stack in the debugger.

Yes, we were using “ChangedGeometry” and were passing a subclass of JGoPort as “prevVal” arg to the update method. Thats the way we had it in JGo 4.0, and it didnt complain.

Based on your reply, I changed the argument to a Rectangle object. This fixed the class cast exception with JGo 5.2.

Thanks for your response, it helped fixed the issue.

Btw: When I buy JGo, do I get the source code with it? That would make it easy to debug issues like this.

The “prevVal” argument when the hint is ChangedGeometry hasn’t ever changed, so I believe that was a bug in your code.

Yes, when you purchase a license to JGo, you also get the source code for the base library. You should have gotten the source code for the version that you are using. If you are new to the project (and it must be an old one!), maybe you just haven’t found them yet.