Use devexpress control inside Node

I want to add node that will contain Devexpress Rich Edit Control with option to move and resize the node over goxam diagram. I achieved that the Devexpress is shown on the diagram, but I can’t select it, move it or resize it. Can you help?

       <DataTemplate x:Key="myDoc">
            <go:NodePanel go:Node.Location="{Binding Path=Data.LocalLocation, Mode=TwoWay}" Sizing="Fixed"  go:LinkPanel.Orientation="None"  
                        go:Part.Resizable="True"   go:Part.SelectionAdorned="True" go:Node.LocationElementName="richEdit" go:Part.Movable="True" go:Part.LayoutId="None"
                <dxb:BarManager x:Name="barManager1" ToolbarGlyphSize="Small">
                    <dxre:RichEditControl x:Name="richEdit" VerticalAlignment="Stretch" ShowBorder="True" Width="150" Height="150"/>

And here is the result:


Are you sure that you want an editor to be shown inside each of your Nodes, all the time? I would think that you would want to show a “Rich Edit Control” only when editing the text – that would involve customizing the TextEditingTool, not your node template.

If you really do want edit controls to be in all your nodes, you may need to disable them when they don’t have focus, and re-enable them upon a click on the node, and re-disable them when they lose focus.