Use GoLabeledLink with RecordNode

I am testing with a GoMultiTextNode using your class " RecordNode" in demo1 project to display a table schema,
and I’d like to know how to relate two recordnodes with “GoLabeledLink” and I wanna put a word on the link.

There are many examples of using GoLabeledLink in the sample applications. Basically you create a GoText object, set whatever properties you want, and then set the GoLabeledLink.MidLabel property.
Then you need to find the appropriate port on each node, set the link’s FromPort and ToPort, and then add the link to the document. You’ll probably need to iterate over the items of the GoMultiTextNode in order to find the item you want–once you have its index you can use that index to get the corresponding port.

Thanks for your reply.
I Have one more question as below.
How do I ugrade goexpress to gowin?
I’d like to know if it’s possible to buy gowin with additional cost.

Yes, we can credit your entire Express purchase price toward the upgrade. The upgrades aren’t available from our web site, so please just send e-mail to and we’ll help you with the upgrade.

Hi Scot,
How much I must spend if I upgrade from Go Win 2.2.2 to Go Win 2.3.1?

I don’t have that information; I suggest you send e-mail to