Using animated images


one of our customers wants to know if there is any chance that he can use animated gifs in his diagrams. I searched the forum but only found one rather old topic about this, maybe something has changed since than :-)

Is there any possibility to support animated gifs with GoDiagram? Or is there any other animated image type that can be used with GoDiagram.

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No, GoDiagram (still) doesn’t support animated gifs.

But... animation is possible. AnimatedBasicApp shows the basic timer mechanism required, you just have to provide the alternate images.
And there is the wide world of media available through WPF as shown in the WPFinGoView sample application.

To clarify what Jake is saying, with respect to animated GIFs, is that your Timer method can call GoImage.Image.SelectActiveFrame, and then call GoImage.InvalidateViews() to cause the GoView to be updated.