Using FlowGrammer in a new project

I’ve been using GoDiagram for WinForms for quite a while and I’ve been looking at using GoDiagram for .NET recently. What i’ve been trying to do is place the FlowGrammer in a new project, so that i can look at customizing its behavior and see how easy it will be to add to an existing project. I’m using .net 3.5 and vs 2008, looking at the properties of the demos they are built to target 2.0, which in my past experience hasnt posed a problem. With the Flowgrammer, though, there is a ChartView class that extends GoView and is used as a custom control on the page, but for some reason when I take the files and add them to a new project and place the Chartxx.cs and Info.cs files into the App_Code directory it can never find the reference. I’m using the same code from the FlowGrammer demo for now just to see if i can it to complie. I get this warning, then a bunch of ‘MyView’ doesnt exist errors and the like.

Generation of designer file failed: Unknown server tag Flowgrammer:CHARTVIEW'.
I've read several MSDN articles on adding custom controls this way and have followed their instructions and have all the files and properties configured to the same as the demo project, as far as i can tell. I am using a ASP.NET WebApplication project instead of a WebSite project.
Any pointers would be great, and i can submit the test project if it would help.

Make sure you have a bin folder with the GoWeb dlls.

Make sure you have a licenses.licx file with the right assemblies (you can copy from one of the samples).

In my bin i have App_Licenses.dll, GoWeb.dll, GoWeb.Layout.dll, GoWeb.xml, GoWeb.Xml.dll, GoWeb.Xml.Xml, and a couple others with .refresh and .xml extensions. I copied them directly from the Flogrammer sample directory along w/ the licenses.licx which is in the project folder no the bin.

i have the ChartDoc.cs, ChartLink.cs, ChartNode.cs, ChartView.cs and Info.cs files in an App_Code directory, just like the sample and just like how MSDN says to have it.
Other than a minor cs file change to clear the selction when a node is added, the rest of the code is identical to the Flowgrammer sample.
I'd be happy to send you the test project, if possible, so you can see whats going on. I'm still getting the "Generatoin of the designer file failed: Unknown server tag 'Flowgrammer:chartview'.

I fixed it, i just took the class files and made them their own project that compiled to a library and referenced that in my test. Works fine now, dont know why i didnt think of that yesterday.