Using JGo in Linox

I am writing a web client/server application. the server side can run on win/linox/unix os.
I am using JGo for diagrams. I prepare the diagram document and its content in the sever side. The problem is that JGo use GUI components in its text manipulations and calculations through class JGoGlobal while autolayouting.
Linox does not support GUI elements therefore I cant init the JGoGlobal in the server side. The resulted diagram is nodes overrlapping each other.
How can I make JGo calculate the real size of the font matrix without using the JGoGlobal?

I think with JGo version 5.1 you don’t need to. Are you using version 5.1?

I am using v5.0.

How does v5.1 dill with that?

In 5.1 JGoText measurement uses a Graphics2D from a BufferedImage, rather than from the “screen”.

Thanks alot