Using layout provided fromSpots while setting Link.fromSpots for specific links only in LayeredDigraphLayout

Is there an option to use alternative/specified Link.fromSpots for specific links in a modified (Genogram) LayeredDigraphLayout, without having to revert to disabling the setting of spots by the layout (by setting setsPortSpot to false)? So, we can keep on using the fromSpot values that are set by the layout, while only overriding the fromSpots for specific cases (links).

When LayeredDigraphLayout.setsPortSpots is true, as it is by default, the layout will set each Link’s Link.fromSpot and Link.toSpot. But you could override LayeredDigraphLayout.commitLinks to call the super method and then set what you want on whichever links you like.

Or you could set setsPortSpots to false and set any or all of the link spots the way that you want in an override of commitLinks.