Using Method setHeight(int) of JGoObject

In a JGoDocument there is a JGoObject from which I want to change the
size. for this a call the method setHeight(200) and setWidth(200).
Originally the Oject has the size (62, 65). However, after calling the
method, the size of the Object is (77,91). If I call the mothod again,
the value will be closer to 200, 200. After few calls it is equal.
I also used the method setAutoRescale(false). this does not change anything.
What could be the reason for the coordinates not beeing set correctly?

That depends on what kind of object it is – the layoutChildren method is called with the new bounding rectangle, and resizes and repositions all the children accordingly. The result might be different from the originally requested bounding rectangle.
Maybe you shouldn’t be setting the size of the whole area/node, but of a part of it.
Instead of calling setHeight and setWidth, try calling setSize, so that layoutChildren isn’t called twice.