Using ObjectContextClicked in Web App

I have a pretty extensive WinForm app that uses GoDiagram.

I am trying to port it to a WebApp and I use the GoVew.ObjectContextClicked event to build context menus (when the user right-clicks a node).
How can I re-use the existing code without having to go the override route with a custom class?
There is no "show" method on the GoContextMenu
object, so I can't seem to render the menu.

You have to override the node’s GetContextMenu under GoWeb. Look at how the OrgCharter web app does it. Yes, this part of the Win/Web thing is a little different.

Actually, I figured it out without needing to override with a custom class.

I think the examples you guys provide are way too complex for doing the simpler stuff. Using all the custom classes to override when you really don't have to makes it very difficult to get basic stuff done.
Maybe I missed it, but is there an example project that does NOT use overrides and shows a simple Web app that shows off some client-side stuff? Specifically, I've stumbled across the use of the goInfo object on the client side.
Where is this fully documented (such as what properties are supported)?
I may be suffering from information overload and its obvious where this is in the docs, but I can't find it. :)

Web Intro is the place to start, then see the GoViewDataRenderer class API reference inside Visual Studio Help.

You mean the Object Browser?

I don't see any inline Help documenting this stuff (maybe I am missing something really obvious).
Further, I can't find anything about the goInfo object. I assume it is a GoPartInfo but man you guys make this hard.

What version of Visual Studio are you using? Pick some Go class object and hit F1… you should get the API reference. Go to the Northwoods.GoWeb namespace and GoViewDataRenderer class. GoPartInfo and such is down inside that.

But… I guess I agree that the docs are a little weak in this area.

VS 2010 - I’ll give it a try.

I am getting closer to what I need.
Thanks for the help-

The client-side JavaScript stuff is only documented in the GoWebIntro document.

The server-side .NET stuff is documented as Jake just mentioned, either in VisualStudio integrated help or on our web site.