Using our own data classes with graph models

I’m just diving into the GoXam component and trying to come up with a formal design.
I’m very much wanting to use our existing data model with the diagram component with very little, if any transformation of objects. While trying to figure out how this can be done, I ran across something in the documentation that I found strange. In the documentation section “Model Data”, there is a blurb that reads “The model classes can probably be used with your existing application data classes.
If you do not already have such data classes you can implement them by inheriting from the optional data classes” Well, our situation is the former. Northwood’s choice of the word ‘probably’ doesn’t ease me any. I see no documentation on how to do this, only that it will ‘probably’ work. Can someone please explain to me how this is done?

Thanks in advance for your help…

Well, it’s hard to state absolutes about such matters. For example, the ClassHierarchy sample ought to simply use the Type/TypeInfo objects that are in memory. That worked with full permissions, but not with limited permissions, so we had to rewrite it using separate/copied data.

The general idea is that the model class provides a “view” onto the data. All of the functionality is implemented in methods that have standard implementations that just use named properties for getting the information from the data. If you can’t get the needed information from a data property, you can override the method to get it whatever way you need.