Version 1.3.10

We are pleased to announce the release of GoJS version 1.3.10.

Changes for 1.3.10:

•Fixed some bounds calculations of elements inside of TableRow and TableColumn Panels.
•Fixed the “Modified” DiagramEvent when the UndoManager is not enabled.
•Improved AvoidsNodes routing of Links when there are Nodes that are not visible.
•Fixed Diagram background grid issues when an Overview was only partially initalized.

New in 1.3:

â—¦There is now a “Get Started with GoJS” page, at
â—¦Version 1.3 includes support for generating SVG. Please read Generating SVG.
have added several new samples demonstrating integration with RequireJS
andAngularJS, as well as a Tournament sample and a Seating Chart
â—¦There is now a BPMN editor with supporting extension classes.
styles of the standard adornments for selection and tool handles has
been changed to be more blue. Any custom adornments that you have
defined are unaffected.
â—¦Models now save/restore a JavaScript object
on the model (Model.modelData) where you can put as many
JSON-serializable properties as you like independent of any node data.
â—¦On a Macintosh keyboard commands now use the Command key instead of Control.
DraggingTool and LinkingTools now support dragging a single Link and
disconnecting/reconnecting a link to one or two new ports: the
DraggingTool.dragsLink and the LinkingBaseTool.isUnconnectedLinkValid
â—¦In-place text editing now automatically selects all of the existing text.
â—¦We have updated the type definition file for TypeScript: GoJS.d.ts
â—¦There are a few performance improvements and a bunch of bug fixes.
have added the Robot sample in the extensions directory, demonstrating
the simulation of input events, which can be useful for automated test

A full list of changes preceding this version is available in the Change Log.