Version 1.7.25 image problem, big image, zoom in Chrome

I update to version 1.7.25, but I got some unexpected movement.

  1. On IE wen i attache big image to diagram got this error.

the big test image can download from here.

  1. On google chrome some image I set it to small size, it doesn’t show on diagram. (not always but some image)
    when I zoom in it appear.
    the image size is 1024x768, and desiredSize 133.33x100, above big image size is similar.
    p.s. desiredSize is small, but we can zoom the pic to see detail.

this is I guess version 1.7.25, you upgrade sharpness as the user zooms, it link this behavior.

ALL this, work perfect on older version 1.7.19.

When I downloaded the image, it turns out to be 22MB! It’s natural dimensions are 12751x6641, not 1024x768.

I added this element to my node template:

$(go.Picture, { width: 133.33, height: 100, source: "Expeditionary_Fighting_Vehicle_test.jpg" })

It displayed quite normally in both IE and Edge, without errors or warnings.

However it did not display at all in Firefox or Chrome, again without errors or warnings.

Which version had you been using before? In which browsers does it work for you?

ALL this, work perfect on older version 1.7.19.
IE 11 Chrome 61.0.3163.100.

all this work perfect on version 1.7.19. and older version.

I display not 1 image 10 or more. but this big image is just once, not a lot , other images is all 1024x768.

I just tried it using 1.7.19, and I got the same behavior, so it is not necessarily anything new or different since 1.7.19. We’ll investigate.

This is my test diagram. show in version 1.7.19. on google chrome.

when it on version 1.7.25
like this.

when zoom up some image appear.

those are all without errors or warnings.
by the way I am binding source by this function. but this may not be the reason.

new go.Binding("source", "src", function(src, obj) {
    	return [
    		'&key=', src, '&filename=image.dat'

Thanks for reporting this. This is fixed and will be out with the next release.

Thanks simon.

Try the library that is now at or

We’ll wait for confirmation (and to make sure there aren’t any other bugs) before releasing “latest”.

Works !! no problem. thank you very much.