View performance hit

I have a JGoView that I have added panning and scaling to. I’ve turned XOR rendering off. My nodes are consisted of an icon, a label and 2 ports.

When I first load up the view everything is crisp and responsive. However when I Zoom out, (by setting the scale) performance begins to degrade.

Would you know any reasons why this might be happening?

When you zoom out, are a lot more nodes and links visible?

Does the performance become very good again when you zoom back in?

If so, then it’s just because it has to do so much drawing when dragging or scrolling. Are you drawing any gradients? Is text antialiased? Is line drawing antialiased? You can override JGoView.applyRenderingHints.

Yes there are more nodes and links visible, but no when you zoom back in the performance is still poor. I also get this behavior when you zoom in. So I don’t think it’s got anything to do with the amount of nodes.

There are no gradients, the text is not aliased, the line drawing is anti-aliased however turning it to not-aliased results in the same behavior.

Funnily enough I’ve just switched from


and my rendering seems to have sped up vastly.

Odd, anyways thanks for the pointer, Hopefully this can help others…