View Scroll Bars not appearing


In my application i am setting background image to some large image bigger than screen size.

When i insert into view background image I want scroll bars

should appear.

It should be OK for me to have scroll bars always ON even no objects added to view.

How can i achieve this task.

Here i am attaching screen shot showing no scroll bars when i insert background image.

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The background image doesn’t contribute to the document’s Bounds, so it doesn’t see the need to add scrollbars. Easy to fix though:

When you add the background, do this:

GoDocument doc = goView1.Document;

doc.Bounds = RectangleF.Union(doc.Bounds, bg.Bounds);

Thanks Jake for quick response.

That works fine if i add background image.

How i can set scrollbars always.

If i change doc.bounds to very big value when i start will that works or any suggestions.

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GoView properties ShowHorizontalScrollbar / ShowVerticalScrollbar have Hide/Show/IfNeeded values. IfNeeded is the default.