viewChanged - JGoViewEvent.OBJECT_EDITED

if there is JGoText in JGoNode we can get reference to jGoNode-object by JGoText-object:

switch (e.getHint()) {
case JGoViewEvent.OBJECT_EDITED:
JGoText jGoText = (JGoText) e.getObject();

JGoObject jGoObject = jGoText.getTopLevelObject();

if (jGoObject instanceof JGoIconicNode) {
// some action;
but how can I get reference to JGoLink-object by JGoText-object if link label was edited?
jGoText.getTopLevelObject() returns same JGoText-object

If that label is an instance of JGoLinkLabel instead of being a plain JGoText, then the getPartner() value should be the JGoLabeledLink.

By the way, if you are using JGoSubGraphBases (including JGoSubGraphs), you might find using JGoObject.getParentNode() more useful than getTopLevelObject(), since the former method stops going up the Parent chain when it sees a JGoSubGraphBase.

ok, thnx