VirtualizedTreeLayout w/ collapse feature


I need to implement a graph of tree that supports thousands of nodes that enables the Collapse feature.
I decided to use VirtualizedTreeLayout but when I collapse the node, the diagram does not resize when used as the TreeLayout.

Can anyone help me?


When you collapse or expand a node you will need to run the layout again. But since the virtualized layout is only operating on model data, not on Nodes and Links, you will need to include a “visible” property on the node data. That property needs to be updated as the user collapses or expands nodes. And that property must be respected by the virtualized layout, in VirtualizedTreeNetwork.addData.

Hi, Walter.

Thanks for reply !
I had to change VirtualizedTreeLayout.commitLayout, VirtualizedTreeNetwork.addData, VirtualizedTreeVertex.commit.
In the end, its works great !

Thanks again.