Visio figures into GOXAm figures

Hi walter

I want to know Is there any possibility if we can convert the MSVISIO diagram figures into goxam figures.Or any tool which converts it.Or any possible solution.Pls do let me know.I want to use all the template figures of MSVISIO into my goxam figure pool and hence use them in building/drawing my diagrams.

I expect there is – look for any tools that convert VISIO shapes into XAML. GoXam was designed to be able to use XAML naturally, and there are lots of tools that generate XAML.

If all else fails, you could try printing each shape to an XPS file and extract the XAML from that.

If the root element is a Canvas element, remember to make sure its Width and Height are set appropriately. GoXam needs to know its actual size.

There is a catch the goxam figures are drawn using c# not xaml.which is very makes very difficult to draw the figures of visio into goxam.
Can you pls enlighten me on this.

Ultimately everything that’s visible has to be defined using FrameworkElements like Path or TextBlock. Whether they are created in C# or created by loading XAML doesn’t really matter.

Even with the NodeFigures that GoXam provides, it’s really only the Geometry that we create for you. You still need to provide the Path or NodeShape element and specify its fill and/or stroke properties either programmatically or (more commonly) in XAML.

Haven’t tried these:

Those are just the first 2 hits for a Google Search for visio shapes to xaml.