Visio stencil in goxam

Hi walter

I want to use visio stencil(.vsx) in my goxam project.How can i do it?
also i want to use the stencil figures in drawing the diagrams.

You might be able to convert it to XAML, at which time you can just include it in your application.

actually i am working on drawing network diagrams and in this we need lots of bpmn visio figures.
which we can only find out at visio stencil.
what i need here is have a visio type capability to add stencils and draw digrams with them.
There are various visio stencils are available over web all i want to download those stencil and add them in my application at any time.
Are you getting me on this ??

You could convert them at run-time.

But I haven’t tried this process, so I do not know if it will work well enough for you.

see my reply from 27-May here:

sorry walter this will not solve the purpose for me.

Well, I cannot claim to know exactly what you want, but it seems like converting VSX files to XAML should work so that you can load them dynamically.

I had forgotten about that other suggestion that we had: printing to XPS and then extracting the XAML from that. That also sounds promising, but would require using Visio to do the printing. So that might not meet your requirements.

Have you asked Microsoft about converting Visio stencils into XAML?

Alternatively, you can write the code to convert the VSX XML into FrameworkElements directly. But that’s obviously a lot more work.