VS 2010 / .Net 4 support

We currently use GoDiagram v3, embedded in Visual Studio (VS) 2008 SP 1 (in a VS Package) with .Net 3.5.Our product evolves quickly, and we are now considering the upcoming VS 2010. As you certainly know, VS 2010 will relay on .Net 4. Our tests show VS 2010 request all library must be compiled for .Net 4 to be able to be use in a VS package.

  • Do you plan to provide a .Net 4 version of GoDiagram 3 ?
  • If yes, do you have an approximative release date?
  • Can you provide a beta version, if yes, when?

GoDiagram builds against mscorlib, System, System.Windows.Forms and System.Drawing, all version 2.0 (even our version that supports .NET 3.5).

We’re surprised to hear you have to build all DLLS against .NET 4.0. Can you point us at something from Microsoft that documents this?

We are planning a release of GoDiagram to coincide with VS2010, and we do have VS2010 running here…but most of our energy over the last month has been on getting GoXam 1.0 out.

If there is some requirement to build all DLLs against 4.0, we’ll obviously get some a beta out sooner rather than later.

It’s not about .Net 4, but VS 2010. It seem to refuse to load a package (a specific assembly build to extend VS) when they have reference to .net 2 assembly (in fact, to any assembly which is not compiled for .net 4).
We are trying to have an official confirmation from Ms about that.