Want curved connector functionality inJGo


Hi Walter,
In microsoft visio ,one curved connector is available.In which only one grabpoint is there(yellow one),by selecting and dragging that point we can reshape our curved connector as line,or any shape depending on drag.
Currently I have a JGoLink , which provides straight link between 2 nodes.What I want is ,to put a curved connector between 2 nodes,so that my task becomes simple.Is there any class for curve (similar to JGoLink) and tell me the appropriate methods also,otherwise tell me the steps to achieve this functionality.
I am newer to JGo,so i am troubling u.Do’nt mind.
Thanks in advance,
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Call setCubic(true). You can also call setCurviness to programmatically adjust the standard curviness of the link, even as either port is moved.
Users will be able to move the control points of this Bezier curve. Any such adjustments are lost when either port is moved because JGoLink.calculateStroke() will recompute the path of the stroke to match the Curviness.
However, if you want the JGoLink to remember the adjustments that users have made, you may want to call setAdjustingStyle(JGoLink.AdjustingStyleStretch), or perhaps setAdjustingStyle(JGoLink.AdjustingStyleScale).