Wants to arrange nodeTemplate vertically

I am using this sample Regrouping Tree View | GoJS for my requirements.


If you can see in the above attached screenshot or marked nodes, all the nodes—testing-1, testing-2, testing-3, and subnodes node-1, node-2, node-3, node-4, node-5, node-6—are arranged horizontally, causing my graph to spread too much horizontally.

What I want is for the graph template and nodes to be aligned vertically when there is more than one template or more than one subnode in the response so that it looks good.

Can you guide me on how I can achieve this?

It sounds like you always want to use a vertical layout. Just make sure that GridLayout.wrappingColumn is 1.

You are saying in myDiagram.nodeTemplate i need to use this GridLayout.wrappingColumn is 1.
Need to add this line in groupTemplateMap ???

Can you suggest me ?

There is no Node.layout property – only a Group.layout property that is responsible for positioning the members of the group.