Web Farm Deployment of Controls


it Seems that GoView stores its Information in a session. Is there a work around this. I have a web farm senario with no Session State stored in SQL server or ASP.NET State Server. I do not want the users to loose their MAP if the Worker process is recycled.
any thought would be appriciated. !!!


The problem is that there is no way to embed an image in an HTML page–it has to be an IMG reference to a URL. So there has to be some sort of persistence so that the IMG reference can be satisfied with the appropriate JPEG or PNG file. Session state is the only practical possibility.
It might be possible to do so by using image files that are stored on disk, generated along with the HTML page. But you’ll need to manage all those files.


can you tell me a little bit more internal stuff on Session and Document relationship. Is there a posibility of using Viewstate?
in what format is the view sent to the browser, I think it is sent in a Png format.
If the View is on the browser and it does a post is there a way to save the Views contents in Viewstate and regenerate the View/document from it incase the worker process is recycled or the web page hits a another worker process in the Farm.



Things are described in a lot more detail in GoWebIntro.doc.
As a general answer, using viewstate is quite unworkable, because there can be arbitrarily much information that would need to be passed along, depending on the complexity of the graph and the interactions being conducted. And that would be in addition to the image itself that would need to be sent.
What kind of state does the view include? Well, there are a lot of properties on GoView. The more complicated ones include the layers of view objects, the document, and the selection. The problem is that all those view objects and the selection all refer to document objects.
By default the GoView.ImageFormat is Jpeg, but you can specify Png if you prefer it.