Web Palette Single column

I saw various posts and solutions for aligning

items in a palette into a single column by using

High Width for GridCellSize and

GridOrigin to be say (15,15) fixes.

But what ever I do the GoPallette items are not alligned consistantly.

After adding items ( whose text come from a DB )in the code they are





and for some other items





and sometimes not visible unless you scroll.

This is a web applcation

Any thoughts


My guess is that some objects have wider labels than others, and that’s causing the shift to the next column, to make sure the whole label is visible.
You can always override LayoutItems to do what you want, or turn off GoPalette.AutomaticLayout and position each item individually.

Can you please explain how do I do that as a pseudo code

or directions to do it.

I will appreciate that

Actually it was easy enough to do.

For those of you interested to know

I change the Location of the item being added to the palette by using

item.Location = new Point(x,y)

and increment Y as per the requirement