WebBrowser Control dragging side effect


I tried to use webbrowser balloon example in my code. Here is the layoutchildren method I override in my balloon window

public override void LayoutChildren(GoObject childchanged)

        if (this.Label == null)

        GoControl c = this.Host;

        if (c == null)

        RectangleF r = this.Label.Bounds;

        r.Inflate(0, -10);

        c.Bounds = r;


When I start to drag the balloon window, I see a flashing image of the internal web brower, when release the mouse button, the duplicated image disappears.

What’s the reason that the duplicated image shown while user drags the balloon and How to prevent it?


I can’t reproduce the behavior you are seeing with the original sample class. Do you see this with the original code, or is it somethng that happens with this change to LayoutChildren? (If so, I don’t see why)

I do see the issue with drag you were talking about in the other note. Dragging this big beast of a web control around can be a bit jumpy. But you are kind of putting an elephant in the back seat of a Lamborgeni, so I guess I’m not too surprised that it affects the handling.