What is the correct way to perform model data changes while user drag something from palette


Lets take example from gojs Palette intro page
we have a node in diagram
user takes a node in palette and drag in onto the node inside diagram.
I want to make this red node which is in diagram responde on another node is dragging over it.
Lets say add a shadow or something to a red node, when another node is dragged over, and remove this change when the mouse leave the node.
I saw that mouseOver of graphObject doesn’t respond when you draggin a node over graphObject.

What is the way to achive this behaviour?


GraphObject.mouseOver is intended to handle events when the mouse goes over an object – but only when there’s no mouse button being held down, not when dragging. For customizing DraggingTool behavior, implement GraphObject.dragEnter and GraphObject.dragLeave event handlers.