What is the maximum number of nodes and links in the diagram that can be created?

Hello, when you move the nodes (several), the sticking begins. I mean, when the mouse moves - the group of selected nodes doesn’t move, it only moves when I slow down the mouse. this is observed with a large number of nodes. I would like to know what determines the speed of moving nodes relative to the mouse (node patterns, link patterns, number of nodes)?. This can be seen in the standard gojs examples, when hundreds of node copies are created using the ctrl+a ctrl+c combination. Thanks

Yes, that is because each Node or Link takes some time to draw, so if you have a lot of nodes and links, drawing the whole diagram will be slower than when there fewer nodes and links. Furthermore it takes time to recompute the routes of links connected with nodes that have moved.

Please read more about this topic at https://gojs.net/latest/intro/performance.html