When installed as a node module, how can we enable debug version for go js?


I am using go js in reactjs application and installed the same as a node module. Now I want to enable debug version instead of minified one.

How can I enable that?

Thanks in advance !

There might be some way to do that in the React tooling, but I’m not that familiar with React, so I don’t know if that is the case.

You probably have multiple cases of:

import * as go from "gojs";

or something like that in your code and in the gojs-react component. Change them all to import from the “./path/to/go-debug.js”, for wherever you have that file.

Alternatively, you could temporarily replace the go.js file, wherever it is, with the go-debug.js file.

Replacing gojs with go-debug.js has enabled the debug version. Thanks for your inputs