When node is moved link attached to that node not saving its new points

Hi, I am facing strange behavior of my code related to dragging links example.
Problem: When I moved any node for a small distance, links attached to that nod<e also dragged.I get new points for dragged links into a model.
Original diagram:

Now I am going to move “Air gap1” node. Note that points for a link “Supplied from” to “air gap 1” is something [189.33333333333334,73,189.33333333333334,83,189.33333333333334…

After moving node “Air gap 1” for a small distance
Note that new points for link “Supplied from” to “air gap 1” is something [135,36.5,125,36.5,

Now the problem is after refreshing page diagram is

Link points are not updated. It is showing old one.[189.33333333333334,73,189.33333333333334,83,189.33333333333334…

I don’t understand why this is happening because whenever I moved node for long distance it is working fine.It is behaving strangely just for short distance.

So I’d like to confirm that you do have a TwoWay Binding on Link.points, yes?

If so, is the model data updated immediately, as I would expect for a TwoWay Binding?

If so, when is the model data being saved? Does that saved information include the expected route of the link?

What distance does the node have to be moved to avoid the behavior that you are seeing?

I have used TwoWay Binding on Link.points and model data updated immediately.
I have not saved points into DB… but I have checked manually adding points into DB and of course, it is working.
Is it possible to get only points of links which are changed due node moved?
In my case, it is not feasible to store link points into DB.
Do you have any alternative solution?
Why are the points changing? and why it is not consistent?
When we refresh the page link gets blink, it shows the first original route and then gets changed.

The relative positions of the two nodes, combined with the sizes of those nodes, are exactly near the angle at which the default link routing decides for those ports with those port properties to change the route from one side of a port to another side of the port. So any changes that happen due to measuring or arranging of the nodes will cause the node to change size, which in turn invalidates the routes of connected links, which in turn actually recomputes their routes.

After all, if the nodes are basically horizontally next to each other or basically vertically above/below each other, you don’t have that problem, do you?

I still don’t understand your particular situation well enough to provide a good suggestion.

Thanx for the explanation.
Nodes can be moved in any direction horizontally or vertically.I don’t have a problem with this.
Problem is whenever the node is moved lines attached to that node is also moving, but the position (route) of a link is not constant.It shows some different position when a node is a drag and after the page refresh, it shows some different route.
I expect and ideally it should not change its position after page load.
This is occurring when you moved node for a small distance.

I’m not sure what’s happening in your app.

Try this in the codepen:

  1. Move Alpha down a bit until the link changes routing.
  2. Press the save button.
  3. Copy the info from the textarea into the HTML so Alpha has a new location. The diagram will refresh as if the page was refreshed, with the link in the same position as after Alpha was moved.