When you drag event B into an Event A; how to collapse Event B under neath of Event A

I would like to have a following feature; when drag an event b on an event a then event b should be placed under Neath of event a on same grid cell. Is this possible in GOJS.

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Are you asking to set a node’s z-order to be less than the z-order of another node, so that the first node is behind (and perhaps completely hidden) by the second node?

If so, you can set the Part.zOrder of both nodes.

Hi Walter,

My requirement here bellow:

I have two sequential events Event A and Event B placed to next to each other for a particular resource. When I drag a Event B onto Event A then Position of Event A remains same and position of Event B should be changed and placed under Event A for same resource and same Grid Cell ( Means Event A and Event B showing in Parallel for same resource under a same Grid Cell.

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You can define a mouseDrop function on your Node template to arbitrarily move nodes that are dropped onto it. here’s a Hsimple example:

Drag one node onto another to see.

Note that there may be several additional scenarios/complications you might want to account for in a complete solution.

Hi Simon,

Thanks a lot.I am looking for the same feature as you provided in a mouseDrop function.

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