Xaml doubt

Hi Walter!
With all the visual elements that i have already created the XAML file grown up very quick. I have several containers and i would like to separate them into various XAML files (but still using the same class)

//into file resource1.xaml

//into file resource2.xaml

Can you please help me to do this? I try to use a ResourceDictionary and a UserControl but without sucess in both attempts :(

Thanks in advance!

Resources are meant to be shared, so they cannot be directly used in multiple places in a visual tree.

UserControls should work, but they normally involve separate classes (which fails your stated requirement, but maybe you can get around this), and they impose overhead on each usage at run-time.

So I’m not sure I can help you. Perhaps you could ask this question in a more general forum dealing with XAML.

The tests that i did took me to that conclusion too Walter, but i was not sure about that. Thanks for the confirmation!